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Welcome to the Old Montana Prison. Bands of outlaws and vigilantes roamed the early Montana Territory leaving a path of destruction and death. In an attempt to tame the Wild West, a prison was established in Deer Lodge in 1871. Constructed primarily with convict labor, the Old Montana Prison was an active prison until 1979, when it was moved to a new facility four miles west of town.

This is the self guided tour you can take when visiting the Old Prison Museum. Click on the links to the right for further information about areas within the prison.

* Daily Schedule at the  Prison
1. Location of the 1896 Cell House
2. The Wall
    * Convict Labor
3. Tower 7
4. Federal Building
    * The Administration Building
5. Visiting Room
6. Secretarial Pool
7. Deputy Warden's Office
8. Non-Contact Security Visiting
9. East Siberia
10. West Siberia
11. Prison Life Exhibit
       * Tag Plant/Hospital Building
12. Cell House
13. Turkey Pete
14. Temporary Lockup and Fish Row
15. Shower Area
16. Cell Block
17. Chapel
18. Shower Area
19. The Hole
20. Montana Law Enforcement Museum
21. 1959 Riot
22. Women's Prison
       * Maximum Security
23. Restraining Cells with Slide Bars
24. The Black Box Cells
25. The Mess Hall
26. The Tunnel
27. W.A. Clark Theater
       * Prison Yard
       * Sally Port
       * Dining Room Gun Cage
Visitor Center and Montana Auto Museum



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