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On Saturday, May 18, 1895, George Highsmith married Mrs. Kate Monahan of Dillon, MT. Less than a year later on February 27, 1896, Highsmith had a difference of opinion with Kate as to whether they both should dwell under the same roof. During the argument, Highsmith attempted to cut his wife's throat and nearly severed the fingers of a man who tried to interfere before cutting his own throat.

The Dillon Tribune wrote about the event and said that "Dr. Leason took Highsmith in hand and found that he had completely severed the windpipe and narrowly escaped the jugular. When questioned the injured man said he didn't want to live, but the doctor sewed his throat up and he will eventually be all right again."

George A. Highsmith was received at the Montana Prison on June 27th, 1896 and sentenced to 8 years for assault in the 1st degree. On September 25, 1896, Kate Highsmith divorced George and gained custody of their minor child.

George passed away on June 1, 1898, by trying to perform an operation on himself. His death was ruled a suicide.


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