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This 1954 Lincoln Capri in our auto museum was owned by Burton K. Wheeler (Feb. 27, 1882 - Jan. 6, 1975).

Burton Kendall Wheeler was an attorney and an American politician of the Democratic Party in Montana; he served as a United States Senator from 1923 until 1947. In 1923, he played a crucial role in exposing the Harding administration's unwillingness to prosecute

people involved in the Teapot Dome scandal. He ran for vice president in 1924 on the Progressive Party ticket headed by Wisconsin Republican Robert La Follette, Sr. He returned to his law practice and lived in Washington, D.C., for his remaining years.

A week after the Old Prison & Auto Museum Complex picked the car up, the barn that it was housed in for decades burned to the ground. This car is on loan by Cameron Van Orman and has been displayed in the museum since 2012.


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