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The Daily Missoulian reported on Monday November 30, 1936, that a police car had been stolen from right out front of the Missoula police station. Over an 8 day period, the newspaper followed the search for the car and its discovery in a ditch, badly charred.

The investigation led police to two men. Pat Hollingsworth and Albert Boyle were both arrested and questioned in their involvement of the stolen car. Hollingsworth first said that he had taken a ride in the car from a man who he only knew by the name of John. Later, Hollingsworth confessed to stealing the car on his own, explaining that he hadn't realized it was a police car until he accidently turned on the siren as he was driving out of town. He called it his "most embarrassing moment."

Albert Boyle was convicted of malicious destruction of property for his part in the burning of the car, but not any involvement in its theft. Hollingsworth would be received at the Montana State Prison on December 8, 1936. Swift justice.


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